Welcome To DanWillis.net

Welcome to my Website, it’s less flashy than previous versions, but considerably more user friendly.

Thus, as a computer programmer by previous trade, I’ve made things look nice, but not too complicated.  You should never be more than two clicks from what you want.

On this site you should be able to peruse all my info on upcoming shows, as well as solo shows and corporate entertainment packages.

So click away on the Menu above and safe journey to you..

4 Responses to Welcome To DanWillis.net

  1. Mike collins says:

    Enjoyed your compering at Adelaide frunge. I hadn’t realised you were an it professional…being one myself! As I said to you, be good if you were ever in Brisbane.

  2. Dominique says:

    Hi,4 of us were at your shows last sun.[Ashes] and the previous sun.[Whinging Pom].Loved “The aussie animals” stuff which we got twice,so as we return to Canberra and we are criss-crossing borders,I thought ‘The fruit Fly Zone” could be good material for you.They are the most intelligent flies on the Planet……………..Cheers to you,your Visa and Little Anchor.Dom.PS:we sat 1st row on your right both times.

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