Welcome To Dan Willis .net

Welcome to my new Website, it’s a tad less flashy than previous versions, but considerably more user friendly, I’ve realised over the years,  people need to know bits and bats, they don’t need a 3tb multimedia website that slows the Inter-Web down to a pace where simply hand-delivering a letter would be quicker.

On this site you should be able to peruse all my info on upcoming shows, as well as solo shows and corporate entertainment packages.

So click away on the Menu above and safe journey to you!

About Dan Willis

Dan Willis spent 12 years working as a computer programmer in the Information Technology sector. In 2002 he decided to become a comedian, now after over 3000 gigs in 20 countries he's widely considered to be the most experienced Comedy festival comedian on the planet. He performs at all major comedy clubs and also has specialist comedy shows on Computers for corporate entertainment.
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