Contacting Dan Willis.

I’m a pretty approachable kind of comedian, if you’d like to book me for anything or just need information on subjects of which I am well read.

Simply use the contact details below:

Email :

UK Phone: 07900 406 793        Australia Phone: 0416 703 601

Crack the fourth wall, click below and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.



7 Responses to Contact

  1. Craig Douglas says:

    Hi Dan, will you be doing the Edinburgh festival this year?


  2. Craig douglas says:

    Our Fringe weekend is all set. Both your shows are in our calendar. We saw both your shows last year (walking dead & PC Mac & me) and were totally blown away. Definitely the highlight of our fringe. Can’t wait. Roll on 22nd August!!



  3. Jason says:

    Hey mate,
    I love your work! Do you have videos of your standup comedy to show friends?

    • Dan Willis says:

      I have a DVD coming out soon- with which i’m sure the wife will grab a few clips off for youtube..
      I’m becoming so much more professional in my old age!!

  4. Alex Barritt says:

    Hi Dan,
    Can you tell me the comedians you had on last night at The Exford please? Best show we’ve seen in a very long while and went there on a whim after seeing a big name act elsewhere earlier in the evening who wasn’t a patch on you guys.



    • Dan Willis says:

      I think I replied to this via facebook ages ago, shows how often I sort out my website- this will be changing from now on, I feel an air of overworking coming on
      due to the birth of my first child..
      Just in case the question wasnt answered…
      It will have been Rich Wilson, Gordon Southern, Eddie Brimson, Marcus Birdman and Raymond Mearns.. Well four of them :-)

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