Corporate Rates

But if you’ d like to liven up your corporate event with more than just motivational speakers, then my comedy is available to hire.

I can either MC an event or perform stand-up comedy, for this the fees would depend on distance, length of time required and size of crowd.

My fees are always based on size of event, time and location.
Pop this info into an email to and I’ll respond post-haste.

My computer show is available (and is very popular in the IT industry).

To perform my 30 minute multimedia computer comedy show would be based on the same data variables as a normal gig (size, location, time and distance).

Currently I live in Melbourne, thus my expenses within 20 miles of the city are quite low, for other cities I require return flights and an overnight stay in a hotel.

The computer show also requires a projector and screen.
If one isn’t available then I can source one, but this costs an extra $300.

Note; expenses wise I am more than happy to fly by Jet Star and Tiger Air, keeping within tight budgets.

2 Responses to Corporate Rates

  1. adam caire says:

    Hey Dan,

    I see your here for the Adelaide Fringe and wondered if you had time to squeeze in your Ctrl Alt Delete show? If so, can please let me know your rates
    for a small company event in the city.



    • Dan Willis says:

      sorry for not responding sooner..
      I’ve been bouncing around Australia- Perth to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide and back to Perth.
      if you email me on
      describe in a bit more detail what you’re after (venue size, date, time, etc).
      I’ll get back in touch poste haste!

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