The Funny Side of a Zombie Apocalypse

For the last ten years, I’ve has been a little over obsessed with what would happen should a Zombie apocalypse befall onto this lovely world.  I’ve also watched the TV series “The Walking Dead” with what could be described as an over-zealous vein of pedantry that would usually be found on the Big Bang Theory.

This culminated in 2014 as the hour long comedy show “The Walking Dead”, performed to sell-out crowds in Edinburgh Festival, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival.  The official show description is below:

The beginner’s guide to surviving the Apocalypse, or at least the months between seasons four and five. Join Dan Willis, Rick, the Governor and company for an hour of zombie based laughs.

Dan Willis brings the sell-out smash-hit of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Melbourne Comedy Festival, setting his sights on saving the world – 80 people a day, live from his zombie-proof bunker above the Red Violin Bar.

The show is continuing into it’s second year, with runs at Melbourne Fringe and a Redux version to the Edinburgh Festival, covering aspects of Season 4 that obviously couldn’t be covered last year.

As well as sell-out crowds, the show has received  a certain degree of critical acclaim.
Links to online reviews are below (click the quote to read the full review):

“An hilarious hour.. His show is essential watching for any Fringe Festival enthusiast”
APHRAMAG (Melbourne Fringe 2014)

“Fresh, lively and funny, this is a great show with which to arm yourself against the shambling hordes.”
Sydney Morning Herald (Melbourne Fringe 2014)

“The Walking Dead is a highly engaging and educational hour… unmissable!”
BROADWAY BABY (Edinburgh Festival 2014)

“Charismatic and energetic, Willis captures the audience’s attention the moment he climbs on stage, and his funny anecdotes soon have people in hysterics.”
IN DAILY (Adelaide Fringe 2014)

“Even those who think they have no interest in fantasy or zombies should attend”
THREE WEEKS (Edinburgh Festival 2013)

“Willis is funny, charming and clearly knows his stuff when it comes to zombies.”
HERALD SUN (Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014)

“Dan Willis has an informal, easy air about him and is a pleasure to watch. A lighthearted and funny show for anyone, but especially fans of The Walking Dead or just zombies in general”
3 WEEKS (Edinburgh Festival 2014)

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  1. Fiona says:

    Hi Dan,

    Saw your The Walking Dead show yesterday and it was great. Had been looking for things to see that my other half would enjoy other than just stand-up as it’s the first time we’d been to the festival (even though we’re only from Glasgow)and you didn’t disappoint. Yours was the first show of the day and it set us up for a great time in Edinburgh. Looking forward to next years obsession. Cheers.

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